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Periodic Table. (ordinary Mo Periodic Table #5)

Photo 5 of 5Periodic Table. (ordinary Mo Periodic Table #5)

Periodic Table. (ordinary Mo Periodic Table #5)

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pe•ri•od•ic1  (pēr′ē odik),USA pronunciation adj. 
  1. recurring at intervals of time: periodic revivals of an interest in handicrafts.
  2. occurring or appearing at regular intervals: periodic visits of a mail steamer to an island.
  3. repeated at irregular intervals;
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  4. recurring at equal intervals of time.
  5. (of a function) having a graph that repeats after a fixed interval(period) of the independent variable.
    • characterized by a series of successive circuits or revolutions, as the motion of a planet or satellite.
    • of or pertaining to a period, as of the revolution of a heavenly body.
  6. pertaining to or characterized by rhetorical periods, or periodic sentences.
pe′ri•odi•cal•ly, adv. 

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